China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Starbucks China Youth Leadership Development Program Successfully Concludes

2017-08-26 14:26:33   China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

On August 18, the final competition of the Third China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Starbucks China Youth Leadership Development Program was held in Beijing. After fierce competition lasting two days, ten young students won the title of "Starbucks Youth Leader" at last. Projects from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Zhuhai College of Jilin University, Zhuhai Campus, Beijing Institute of Technology and Shandong University of Science and Economics won the top three prizes of the competition. A team from Chongqing Technology and Business University won Best Perspective Award. 

Jing Dunquan, Vice Chairman of CSCLF, Zhu Lei, government affairs director of Starbucks China’s public affairs department, and Dai Xiaorong, chief of the China Representative Office of Give2Asia, attended this event and granted awards to winners. 


CSCLF Vice Chairman Jing Dunquan gives awards to the champion team. 


Awards are issued to winners of "Starbucks Youth Leader".

Covering a variety of fields, award-winning projects demonstrate the creativity of young people.

Under the support of the “China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Starbucks China Youth Leadership Development Program”, students spotted problems in all quarters of the society. They studied many issues, from the inheritance of traditional culture, environmental protection to social issues, and strove to find solutions by applying their expertise. Here are some of the brilliant projects developed by them: 

Hangzhou Dianzi University’s project aimed to offer convenient residences to the elderly; Beijing Institute of Technology’s program was designed to reuse grains waste at beer brewing plants as raw materials of new products; Huazhong Agricultural University provided a new thinking to reduce increasing pollution caused by takeaway food package; Northwestern Polytechnical University created a robot to clean lake in the park. These projects fully show the creativity and power of execution of young college students.


Students from Northwestern Polytechnical University are making presentation.


Students from South China Normal University are making a presentation. 


Students from Shandong University of Science and Economics are making a presentation. 

Empower young people to realize their dreams.

“Since I joined in this program, I have understood the meaning of the pursuit of excellence and honed my leadership skills. I also learned how to make plans for every possible outcome, to be inclusive, to unite a group, to address problems with resources around and to carry out a project with an innovative thinking. I’m grateful for this opportunity and for everyone’s help and support.” A student named Liang Chunying from Zhuhai Campus, Beijing Institute of Technology, shared her gains from the program.

Gou Mingze, a student from Hangzhou Dianzi University, said, “The program jointly held by the CSCLF and Starbucks offers a platform to us college students to cultivate creative thinking and learn the importance of team work. Only when we draw on others’ strength and help each other, our team can be invincible.”

Over the past three years, 1,500 college students including Liang Chunying and Gou Mingze have taken part in the program. They broaden their horizon, hone their professionalism and learn methods to take responsibilities.

“Leadership is an essential quality for young people and of great importance to the realization of the Chinese Dream. Over the past three years, we have distinctly noticed that college students’ comprehensive quality is improving with the help of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Starbucks China Youth Leadership Development Program,” said CSCLF Vice Chairman Jing Dunquan, “The program plays a leading and demonstrating role in cultivating young talents.”

“Getting integrated into communities, focusing on youth development and carrying forward public welfare cause are common missions of Starbucks and the CSCLF,” said Wei Chen, Vice President of Starbucks China. “Having been held for three years, the program has achieved satisfying results, convincing us of the importance of ‘supporting youth’, a strategic priority of Starbucks’ community investment.”

Although the third CSCLF Soong Ching Ling Starbucks China Youth Leadership Development Project has concluded, a new journey of these college students has just started. They will carry forward the principles and missions of the program and influence more people.


Guests and students pose for a group picture. 


The program was a training plan of Chinese university leadership talents launched by CSCLF and Starbucks. Over the past three years, USD 1.5 million (RMB 9.3 million) has been invested in the program, which would benefit 1,500 university students nationwide.

(Source: Fund Department and General Office)

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    Dreams of the Future in B&R Young Hearts
    The celebration hosted by CSCLF is intended to promote the consensus reached at the recently concluded Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and facilitate people-to-people exchange among different countries.
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